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Best gym EVER! It's difficult to describe why MSC ticks all the boxes that other gyms don’t, but a lot comes down to atmosphere. It’s a gym people go to “work out”, not just sit around pretending to do so! There are no egos strutting around, just a bunch of hard working people who want to help wherever they can.

Of course, top quality equipment helps, but MSC is more than that— it’s almost a lifestyle in itself. The best thing to do is just try it for yourself, then it will all make sense!

Dave - member of MSC

Monthly membership from £50 with no fixed term contract. 

I can't recommend MSC highly enough! Gym life for me before MSC was pretty dull, pounding the treadmill without seeing much in the way of results. I knew in the back of my mind I needed to be doing some strength and conditioning work but that 'area' of the gym always seemed pretty unwelcoming, and I felt like I didn't have a clue where to start.

Since joining MSC I am regularly taking part in the metabolic conditioning classes and have learnt so much about my own fitness and how to build strength work into my routine. It's taken a while to get my head round the fact that lifting heavy weights and becoming stronger would actually make me leaner! I also LOVE the Friday morning strongman classes - I never thought I would enjoy flipping a tractor tyre before going to work but it turns out that I really do!

The atmosphere at MSC is brilliant, very supportive with coaches who really know their stuff. There is a very even mix of men and women - and these women are giving the guys a run for their money with their strength which is great to see and be part of.

Kirsty - member of MSC

Changing rooms, nutrition, sports therapy, 121 coaches, class timetable, Facebook group for members, regular socials

I finally found the perfect gym for me!

MSC has a lot of functional equipment great for sports performance, awesome coaches and great people. I've enjoyed attending the workout sessions such as 'metcon' which are run several times a week by the knowledgeable coaches. Our S&C sessions have had a great impact on the field for my sport and I've noticed gains in fitness and strength in just a few weeks.

Jennifer - member of MSC

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